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Team Owner Eligibility

2011-2012 Fantasy Debutante Rules

(Rules do not apply for e-division teams.  We pretty much just let them do whatever the heck they want.)



Team Owner Eligibility

  1. Team Owners must be “of age.” This means that owners must be no less than 21 years of age on Mardi Gras Day of the current draft season.  No owner shall be making a formal bow to society in the current draft season. (The Commissioner has been known to totally ignore this rule with the consensus of team owners in the related division.  Does ANYone really care?)


  1. It is legal for a Team Owner to be related to a current debutante.  Such instances will be subject to the “Fantasy Debutante Code of Ethics.”


Draft-able Debutantes

1. Draft-able Debutantes (DD) will be defined as those young ladies pictured yearly in the Times Picayune, Living section at the start of each Debutante Season.  In general this means that each Deb must participate in at least one of the presentations staged by the following clubs and organizations:

a. Bachelors’ Club

b. The Debutante Club

c. Le Debut des Jeunes Filles de la Nouvelle Orleans

d. Mid-Winter Cotillion

e. Original Illinois Club

f. Pickwick Club

g. The Young Men Illinois Club Inc.


2. All Draft-able Debutantes will be available for drafting in round one.


Free Agents

1. A Free Agent (FA) will be defined as any young lady participating in a formal presentation to society during the current season, but not included in the TP Living section Debutante Coterie.


2. A Free Agent can be added to the draft during any round, but cannot be added until chosen by an owner.


3. Once added to the draft the Free Agent will be available to any other owner under the normal draft round rules.


Draft Rules

  1. Draft order will be determined by individual Division rules as sanctioned by The Commissioner.


  1. The number of players per team will be determined by The Commissioner.  Team size will be based on the number of DD’s being presented and number of teams in the drafting division. (Please note:  For Inter-Division competition, team sizes must be equivalent to those chosen by the Chestnut Division.)



  1. Each team must include a minimum number of “Illinois Club” (IC) debs.  This number will be determined by the Commissioner based on the number of IC debs being presented and the number of Team Owners in the drafting Division.  (Please note:  For Inter-Division competition, team IC quotas must be equivalent to those chosen by the Chestnut Division.)


  1. Round one of the draft will include all Draft-able Debutantes as well as any Free Agents nominated by a Team Owner.


  1. Round one will end once each team owner has drafted a First Round Draft Pick.


  1. Once a DD or FA has been chosen by a Team Owner, she will not be available to another team except as specified below:

          To meet player number minimums, DD’s or FA’s from any number of  non-IC round will be placed back into draft eligibility.  First round draft picks are NEVER re-introduced in subsequent rounds.


  1. Draft rounds will continue as per Division draft order rules until all available DD’s and FA’s have been drafted or until team roster minimums have been met.


  1. A team owner may not draft a member of her family as per and described by the “Fantasy Debutante Code of Ethics.”


Team Requirements

1. Each team will include a pre-determined number of debutantes.


2. Teams may include any ratio of Draft-able Debs to Free Agents.


3. A team must consist of unique players.  That is….an owner may not draft a DD or FA more than once to any given team.


4. Should a team lose a player due to illness or death, the owner will be given a chance to randomly draw a replacement.  Points for the replacement player will begin at the time of the loss of the original player.


5. A team losing a player due to jail time, rehab, sudden loss of family money, questionable parentage, pregnancy, or other behavior not befitting a debutante will not be allowed a replacement player.



1. Players will be scored for each appearance at specified presentations.


2. Scoring for each appearance will be as follows : (And here comes the part where the whining begins……feel free to contact The Commissioner to register your complaints.)


Tier one presentations will include:

a. Rex

b. The Mystik Krewe of Comus

c. Young Man Illinois Club

d. Original Illinois Club


With scoring as follows:

1)Presented – 30 points

2)Maid – 60 points

3)First Maid (where applicable) – 80 points

4)Queen – 200 points



3. Tier two will include:

a. Proteus

b. Atlanteans

c. Momus

d. Twelfth Night Revelers


With scoring as follows:

1)Presented – 25

2)Maid – 50

3)First Maid (where applicable) – 70 points

4)Queen – 100 points


4.      Tier three will include:

a. Elves of Oberon

b. Mithras

c. Achaeans


With scoring as follows:

1)Presented – 20

2)Maid – 30

3)First Maid (where applicable) – 45 points

4)Queen – 75  points


5.      Tier four will include:

a. Osiris

b. Athenians

c. Dorians

d. Harlequins

e. Mystery


With scoring as follows:

1)Presented – 15

2)Maid – 25

3)First Maid (where applicable) – 35 points

4)Queen – 65 points


6.      Tier five will include:

a. Olympians

b. Nereus

c. Caliphs of Cairo

d. Prophets of Persia

e. Hermes


With scoring as follows:

     1)Presented – 10 points

     2)Maid – 20 Points

     3)First Maid (where applicable) – 30 points

     4)Queen – 50 points


6. Tier four will include any featured presentations not mentioned above.  Featured Presentations MUST be noted in the Times Picayune and/or be officially sanctioned by the Commissioner.  Presentations may include but not be limited to:

a. Pickwick Club

b. Mid-Winter Cotillion

c. Bachelors’ Club

d. Debutante Club


With scoring as follows:

     1)Presented – 10 points

     2)Maid – 15 Points

     3)First Maid (where applicable) – 20 points

     4)Queen – 25 points



  Extra points will be awarded by The Commissioner and are at the sole discretion of The Commissioner.  These are generally earned by individual Debs, but in rare cases may be awarded to an entire team or Team Owner


  In the past, Extra Points have been earned for:

a. Behavior/appearance/attitude beyond the expected

b. Front page appearances (Times-Picayune or Living Section)

c. Color photos (Times-Picayune or Living Section)

d. Fabulously over-the-top Debut Parties

e. Bribes paid to The Commissioner

f. Hosting a divisional draft

g. Information services




  Perhaps the most vexing aspect of Fantasy Debutante.  Once again, at the whim of The Commissioner.  Deal with it.


In the past, Penalties have been awarded for:


          HAHAHAHA!!!!  Did you really think The Commissioner was masochistic enough to post the penalties again this year?!  If there is one lesson she learned last year….it is :


          When you see a giant hive of crazy……Do not throw rocks at it!


Just know that penalties will be given at the discretion of The Commissioner to both individual players and entire teams where warranted.  (Examples available upon request.)


Fantasy Debutante Code of Ethics

3. No participant in Fantasy Debutante shall knowingly or deliberately attempt to lie, cheat, steal or deliberately defraud other participants.  Familial connections to any DD or FA must be revealed to the commissioner prior to the date of the draft.  For purposes of this contest, familial connections will include the:


    1. Daughter (Including step-daughter)
    2. Granddaughter (Including steps, halves)

c. Sister (Including half-sister, step-sister)

d. Aunt

e. Niece

f. First Cousin (Includes once removed)

g. Second Cousin

of either the team owner or the team owner’s legal spouse.


2. The Commissioner reserves the right to decide whether a player is ineligible for draft by any or all owners based on familial connections.



Additional Notes

The Commissioner is open to all bitching, moaning, complaining as well as input, help, ideas, and assistance.  She also reserves the right to tell you to quit whining, get lost, bite me, etc.  All decisions by The Commissioner are final. (Unless you really complain a lot.  Then I will think about changing my mind.  I am also easily bought.  Please contact me for a list of acceptable gifts)