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July 31, 2009

It’s LaSallian Division night at Galatoire’s!!

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The Commissioner is all dolled up and ready to hit the martinis!! Uptown Deepthroat, 2009 LaSallian Division Champs, are FINALLY coming through on their promise to wine and dine The Commish. AND not a moment too soon as this weekend marks the arrival of the 2010 Debutante Coterie. (Nothing like waiting to the last minute to suck up.) So enjoy your last few nights of fame, boys; for soon your heady days of championship splendor will be a mere memory. (The Commissioner has it on excellent authority that none other than league step-child, Redneck Royalty will arrive at draft night absolutely flush with the inside info.)

Congrats one last time to Deepthroat….and bring on the cocktails!!

July 26, 2009

At long last……

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…….pull on your gloves and dust off your tiaras!!! The 2010 Fantasy Debutante Season is almost upon us. Now granted, the Commissioner would be slightly more excited had the Reigning World Champion, Killer D’s not been banned from further competition. (Apparently the ninnies in the Chestnut Division can not handle the heat.) But have no fear. The Commish intends to make the impending season the best ever.

Keep your eyes trained on the Times-Picayune delivery man! Your copy of the Debutante Coterie will be arriving soon! (But beware…..lesser owners have been known to steal copies from others. That’s right, Itty Bitty! I am talking to you. Stay on YOUR side of Canal!)

Who will wear a crown? Who will have the most fabulous party? When will The Commish next be assaulted in public? Stay tuned for all the latest and hope to see you ALL at a draft night very soon!

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