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August 20, 2009

New Division…..sign up now!

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The Commissioner has put down the decanter long enough to announce the addition of our newest division, The Frances DEE-vision! If you know and love St. Frances Dee the way The Commish does, you will want to be sure to join the fun. But be warned, in the spirit of our namesake, members of THIS division could be kicked out at any moment for no apparent reason. We think it adds to the fun!! Let the Commish know if you are in…..and see y’all at the draft!!

The Commissioner

August 11, 2009

The Commissioner: My Life on the “W” List

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The Commissioner awoke this morning to a frightening realization. (NO, not that she is middle aged, deranged, and attended a Metairie high school (SHOCKER!) These issues are never forgotten and will most assuredly be discussed one day in a well earned therapy session.) But for TODAY, she realized…….In proclaiming herself to “not be under the jurisdiction” of any organizations, she completely forgot about the esteemed Krewe of Chestnut.

The Commish would like to offer the sincerest of apologies to all members of this club, The Captain, and most importantly our reigning Monarchs. As nothing would solidify ones standing as a social pariah more than finding oneself on the Chestnut “Do Not Admit” list, she hopes that all will be forgiven.

Name your penance, boys.

August 2, 2009

Happy Coterie Day!

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Grab your copy NOW!!

So many lovely ladies……so many familiar names! (Anyone who remembers The Commssioner’s inability to keep Margaret, Julie, and 2008 deb Isabel “Baldwin” Sanders straight last season…..will surely be amused by another Sanders on the list this year.)

(Also, in preparation for the new season, The Commish has archived all blog entries from last year. Should you need to reference any of these, please contact The Commish or the WebDeb. Thanks!)

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