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September 29, 2009

Name that Queen – 2009 Edition…..

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……is now posted on the site. Stop by, test your Royal memory, and see if you can beat The Commissioner’s high score. Well……actually you can’t beat it. That’s right, people! The Commissioner has FINALLY managed to get a perfect score on her own dumb quiz. SO THERE! But feel free to try to tie her score. Insanity loves company!!

Also, just a reminder: e-division drafting will be open once drafting for formal divisions has been completed. Stay tuned!

September 21, 2009

You want Who-sey?

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Was New Money Metry drinking BEFORE the draft or is she privy to some kind of double-secret, only in Old Metaire kind of information? Perhaps both. In any event, the first Deb drafted for the 2009-2010 season was no where to be found on The Commissioner’s obviously flawed radar. Will this choice pan out for the score challenged Metry? Only time will tell.

On a more important note, The Commissioner would like to report to all concerned parties that the Chestnut Crown is once again safely where it belongs. That’s RIGHT!! In the home of the Inaugural Queen where it will receive the care and respect that it so rightfully deserves. (No, thanks to Metry and her abhorring regalia etiquette. Let it be known….that while not with them constantly last Shrove Tuesday, The Commish feels pretty confident that neither Miss Brown NOR Miss Hines chucked her prestigious crown out the limousine window. Yep…..I am pretty sure that Metry’s name has been struck from the list of Future Queens of Carnival.)

For those of you sneaks checking out the site to steal draft picks from The Chestnuts……bad news. After a never-ending barrage of grief from the Chestnut Ladies, The Commissioner has wisely decided to refrain from posting team rosters until all formal drafting is complete. You’re on your own this year LaSallians. Try to step it up.

September 16, 2009

New Scoring on the Way……

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Yes, The Commissioner realizes that she has been sadly remiss in her website duties lately. Who knew that ruining the mini-commishes’ academic careers could be so time consuming? BUT… that they are ALSO safely on the “Do Not Admit List,” she can move on to other agenda items. Sooooo check back soon for updated Rules and Scoring for the 2009-2010 Season. The Commish has followed through on her promise to award Queen Comus the points she so rightly deserves this year. (Many thanks to The Commissioner’s personal, invitational benefactor.) Also, due to the assistance of site visitor and all around Carnival Aficionado, RexComus, this year’s scoring promises to be far more fair to a few previously slighted organizations. (Sorry I’m-younger-and-more-beautiful-than-everyone-else-and-I’m-the-only-one-without-a-maiden-name-in-this-league, this will STILL not help you if you are unable to draft a single Queen yet again THIS year.)

Many thanks again to RexComus. Keep an eye on us……The Commish is sort of like Ray Nagin. You never know WHEN she is going to say something stupid and wildly inappropriate…..but you KNOW eventually she will!!!

Side note to the Chestnut Division: See you Friday at “The Smackdown in the Uptown-2009.” I’ll bring the dry erase board…..y’all bring the cocktails!!

Until then……Keep “Living the Fantasy”
The Commish

September 8, 2009

Welcome Back, Chestnuts!!

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On behalf of the premiere division of the League, The Commissioner proudly announces the impending Chestnut Division Draft!! Please arrive this year not only prepared to draft a team worthy of the division, but also ready to help the Biddy wave good-bye to yet another year of her vanishing youth.

It’s on, Ladies. Let’s see what ya got!! September 18th…..details to follow on the Chestnut Group Forum.

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