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October 16, 2009

Welcome to our newest Division!

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Please join The Commissioner in welcoming our newest… yet unnamed……Division! And while she has it on very good authority that several members of this new division will bring an untold wealth of inside info to the table, any dominance over the esteemed Chestnut Division remains to be seen.

The Commissioner will be sure to post her thoughts following the draft this evening. See y’all there!!! (By the way….pizza and beer? Seriously? Come ON! Who do you have to bribe to get a decent glass of Scotch these days? Damned economy.)

EDIT: Thanks to all of the new team owners in The Avenue Division for a great draft last night, but especially to Les Chevaux Noirs for coming through with the Scotch!! Once rosters are posted, be on the lookout for 5 Extra Points for your hospitality and hosting duties.

Next scheduled draft – LaSallians! Saturday, October 24th at Chez Commish. Details via e-mail soon.

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