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November 19, 2009

e-Division opening soon!!

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All formal drafting for the 2009-2010 season is now complete. Thanks to all of our team owners new and old for participating…..except for you, LakeVista Wannabee and Old Metarie Deepthroat. Not only did you miss the fun, but you will also surely come to understand the innate drawbacks of having your Divsion mates proxy draft for you. (For more information see past scores for Uptown Crowns or Brallelujia. YIKES!!)

The Commissioner is currently working to get the e-Division opened for drafting. Check back soon!!

November 13, 2009

Frances Dee-vision

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Tonight is THE night, ladies!!!! The Commissioner is looking forward to seeing ALL of you at Casa de Redneck tonight for the inaugural draft of the Frances Dee-vision. Please be prepared as per the division rules…..”In honor of our namesake, The Commissioner reserves the right to kick members of the Frances Dee-vision out at any time for no apparent reason.” It is also rumored that there COULD be summer homework assigned!!!

Look forward to seeing you all tonight!

“Keep Living the Fantasy”
The Commish

Post Draft Edit: Best Commish bribing gifts EVER!!! Why are the rest of you jokers not bringing me gifts?!!!

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