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December 21, 2009

Forgot to mention…..

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In the interest and spirit of your divisional namesake, The Commissioner reserves the right to refer to the owner of Datz M’Girls as “Julie.” She might also partake of a few glasses of wine prior to calculating your grades scores.

Thank you for understanding and

“Keep Living the Fantasy!!!”
The Commish

Nolan FINALLY acknowledges Bachelors….

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…but stops short of praising the finger sandwiches THIS year!! The Commissioner is proud to announce that despite reports of some very righteous “Frat-esque” partying, no penalties were awarded to the assembled debs. Ten points have been added to all drafted presentees. In an interesting twist, Miss Mills has taken the scoring lead by making bows for both The Debutante and Bachelors’ Clubs. The League has not seen a Crossover Deb since 2007-08’s Katherine Gilly. Will Caroline surpass Miss Gilly’s 80 point showing? Stay tuned!!!!

As for teams to watch: Parasite Rex leads all divisions based on a strong showing with Debutante Club presentees. Due to clever drafting and extra points, Redneck Royalty is UNBELIEVABLY in second place. In the e-Division, there are several teams of note. Bathurst’s remains the only e-team to cross racial lines by drafting Miss Dedeaux to his White Glove Brigade; Always Classy, the 2009 e-Division champ has returned; and pay special attention to White Glove Wonders. All 80 of the Wonders points are attributed to The Debutante Club presentation. (Players from last year will surely remember The Commissioner’s comments on Bachelors’ vs. Debutantes. Those who don’t……just know that The 2009 World Champion Killer D’s were crazy packed with Debutante Club debs!!)

Oh…..AND Datz!!! Welcome to the game. Glad to see some of your girls in white dresses! Now…..start working on some crowns!!!

December 6, 2009

Hey, Datz M’Girls…..

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When The Commissioner said, “Try not to suck,” were you even listening?! How is it that EVERY single team in EVERY single division managed to score with at LEAST one deb……except you? Get in the game already!!

EDIT: The Deb Ranking Report is now fixed, I think. Sorry for the confusion.

December 5, 2009

Attention all Divisions:

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Scoring Reports for Team Extra Points and Penalties have now been posted. The Commissioner admittedly drank quite a bit at each draft…….soooooo…..if your points are missing, start whining and she will fix it. Team rosters are in the works and scores for both the Bachelors’ Club and Debutante Club presentations are coming soon! The Season is officially upon us. Try not to suck.

December 2, 2009

e-Division NOW OPEN!!!

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While the rest of the site is still woefully under construction……the e-Division drafting page is open and ready for new teams!! Stop by and draft your 10 Deb dreamteam now.

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