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January 31, 2010

Athenians Crown Housey – New Money Metry Vindicated!!

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The first member of the 2009-2010 coterie to be drafted reigned over the Athenian festivities last night. While Miss Housey appeared to be quite the unorthodox choice for a first round draft pick, Metry felt otherwise……and her bold choice has payed off. Now…despite the addition of a crown to the Metry team, she is still being schooled by both the Neptunes and the winner of “Stalker of the Season”, Uptown Crowns.

And what is UP with Itty Biddy this year? Last in your division; being beaten by not one, but two proxy drafted teams……WOW. Shoulda stayed in Mid-City, Bra!

January 28, 2010

In case you were wondering…..

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The Commissioner of the NoFdL will not be issuing cease and desist injunctions to any team owners or fans who care to place a logo of your favorite Fantasy Debutante team on a hat, shirt, bag, sock, jacket, tattoo, etc. As a matter of fact, go ahead and sell elbow-length, kid leather gloves emblazoned with the NOFDL logo on it if it makes you happy.

Who Dat!

Caliphs of Cairo Crown Queen Camille…..

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Nell Nolan must be in an alliterative euphoria!!!!!

As for The Commish….her mind is swimming in a vast pool of penalty flags. Luckily for our teams, all belonged to an un-drafted free agent.

Other discretions this week….Young Men Illinois Club how DARE you?! This year the Young Men saw fit to announce not one…..NOT TWO……but THREE distinguished maids; essentially wreaking havoc on the FDL scoring system. The Commissioner will take this into consideration when adjusting scoring rules for next year……but WHERE will it end? Will YMIC begin presenting ALL of their maids in an order representing how much they like each of them? Seriously, does your Queen need as many runner-ups as Miss America? Oooooh and if so…..can we have a talent competition?! Dude, that would ROCK!

In team scoring news: Signum FiDeb is delivering an ass-whooping of Killer D proportions….and frankly…..I’m stunned.

January 27, 2010

Name That Hand

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Name That Hand

5 points to the first team in each division to correctly identify by name and/or Title (with year) the lovely gentleman holding The Commish’s hand.


January 26, 2010


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Yes, The Commish is a bit late on Illinois, Nereus, and Osiris updates. They will be up tomorrow……sorry, The Commissioner has been on a three day NFC Championship binge!!!

Also, remember that Trifecta picks are due in by midnight tomorrow!! Who should you pick? Well…..if it were last year, The Commish would have surely gone with Killer D’s first round draft pick, Mary Wyatt Hines.

January 21, 2010

Debutante Trifecta

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The Commissioner (with unending THANKS to RexComus!!) is proud to announce the addition of The Debutante Trifecta to the NOFDL. This fabulous new twist on an already stunningly fabulous game will surely become the talk of the deb world……or maybe just get The Commish in MORE trouble. Hard to say.

But on to the rules:

1. Each Team Owner (including the e-Division) may “buy” one entry for the incredibly low price of 20 points.
2. Trifecta entries can be ANY member of the current coterie or free agents. Owners are NOT limited to choosing from within their own teams.
3. To pay out, the chosen deb must be presented in Momus, Proteus, AND Rex/Comus.
4 Win/Place/Show:
5. Scoring:
Tickets containing a minimum Win/Place/Show will pay out 60 points
Place/Place/Place = 30 points
Place/Place/Show = 20 points (break even)
Anything less = 0 points

In the event of a First Maid, 5 additional points will be added. (And then The Commish will say something like….so and so won by a nose……or it was a photo finish. And she will get yelled at for treating debs like horses. Why does she do this to herself?)

In future seasons, The Commissioner will attempt to get these rules legalesed up (Biddy? Northshore?) and added to the official league rules. She may even allow the purchase of more than one entry and add a Triple Crown (Proteus, Comus, Rex) to the game.

Please submit your entries directly to The Commissioner’s e-mail account prior to midnight on Wednesday evening (January 27th.) Trifecta entries will be posted on the site.


January 19, 2010

Apollo Scores

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Many thanks to The Perfect Gentleman for pointing out The Commish’s glaring omission. The nine lovely ladies presented as part of Apollo’s 70’s tribute will each be given credit for their bows in the next scoring update. In the past, The NOFDL did slight sub-deb organizations….BUT as our favorite Deb-Dad pointed out last year, “I payed for the dress, put on the tux, and sat through the thing. Surely my daughter deserves SOME kind of points for that!” Soooooo, how does a Commish argue with such logic? Points are on the way.

January 14, 2010

Commish’s thoughts for the day……yes…..SOMEtimes she thinks……

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….but not often. So don’t get used to it.

Is it possible that NONE of you have ANY idea who will reign over Comus this year? The Commissioner is shocked to find that there is still no definitive front-runner in the Comus Queen Poll. It’s a little odd. There is a sure favorite in the Queen of Carnival Poll…..but the Comus votes are all over the Coterie. While The Commish feels pretty confident with her choice, she will admit that only two votes have gone her way thus far. Could she be wrong?!

While several perfectly lovely deb parties have already taken place, The Commish cannot help but long for the fabulosity of last season. Where are the ice castles, three ring tents, firework displays, and illuminated stilt-walkers? The Commish even finds herself reminiscing about the over-the-top, horse themed, St. Charles Avenue shin-dig of 2008. Does NO one have professional salsa dancers, scantily clad fire-eaters, or even some lame, midget magician on speed dial for this year?

“Less-is-more” my ass.

January 12, 2010

It’s Twelfth Night……do you know where your team is?

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Well……if you are the owner of the Nawlins Dawlins, the answer is most assuredly, “NO!” Nawlins, how did you manage to be the ONLY player LEAGUE-WIDE to have not ONE team member in white last Wednesday? Let The Commissioner put it this way: When the ONLY team you are beating is Fleur-Deb-Lis (aka The Chalmation Nation), things are not looking good. Do not be fooled by FDL’s membership in the illustrious and esteemed Chestnut Division. That’s right. Despite inclusion in this elite Division, Fleur still manages to strive for new lows each year. And it looks like you are right there with her. Good luck with that.

So, while the entire Dawlins’ team was obviously sitting home eating store bought king cake The Goddess of Chance was smiling upon Margaret “Mills” Weinmann. This should come as a shock to NO one in the League as Miss Weinmann was picked up in the first draft round of every single division. Her name is also found among the rosters of all but two e-Division teams. (By the way…….Always Classy, what the heck were you thinking?! The Commissioner expects more from former champs!!)

January 7, 2010

Line Dancing Debutantes?!

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Please say it isn’t so. Please.

The Commissioner feels compelled to throw the penalty flag for this. The question is…..should she penalize:

the debs themselves

Nell Nolan

– for feeling the need to write about it

The Jimmy Maxwell Orchestra

– for even PLAYING a line dance


Signum FiDeb

– because if he were there, he would SO have been out there leading it?!!

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