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February 18, 2010

Chestnut Awards Banquet

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Congratulations to the Mid-City Biddy on an unexpected and fantastic, come from behind, spanking! It’s been a great season….from draft night to tonight’s dinner. Thank you all for all of it and for a wonderful end to a less than stellar day. You ladies ROCK!!!

The Commissioner

PS. See y’all in August. Be prepared. I will NOT stand for a Biddy three-peat!!

Wrap it up!!

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The Season ends with yet another Nell line dance reference. She truly is trying to make The Commissioner stroke out.

In the mean time, the Commish is assembling her final notes and back-checking scores. Finalized results will be posted this evening (in time for the Chestnut Owner’s Banquet……I promise!) The France Dee’s cut it so close this year that some verification is surely required! If, like last year, you find any omissions or corrections that need to be made, please let The Commissioner know today. After that she is calling it!!

February 17, 2010

It’s Mardi Gras Y’all!!!

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er…..ok…..actually it is already officially lent. But The Commish is still riding high on an unbelievable evening of sheer fabulosity. Rumor has it that Her Commishness was spotted on one side of Canal with a certain political aficianado and the other side with the Royal Grandparents. Seriously y’all….unfreakin’-believable!!!

The Commissioner is in a corner fanning herself right now but will be sure to extoll the virtues of both Miss Duncan and Miss Lykes once she manages to wrangle herself out of this danged gown.

Happy Mardi Gras, y’all!!

February 15, 2010

Final Stretch!!!

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Three to go and The Commissioner is all a twitter. I mean…..all a twitter once She recovered from a very righteous Endymion ‘Hood Fest 2010. And to the lovely Krewe D’Etat gentleman who stopped by on Saturday. You are very welcome for the ride home! Vivite Ut Vehatis and all that.

Points will soon be added for the Mystic debs and an addition to Dorians.

Updates for Proteus, Rex, and Comus will be posted as soon as The Commish and company retire their gold leggings at the end of the route. Stay tuned and best of luck!!!

February 12, 2010

Holy LateGame Interceptions!!!

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Check out the Biddy delivering as promised!!! Unbelievable……

Biddy Pulls Ahead!!!

Let the SPANKING begin!!!!

Knights of Momus Choose Miss Robinson

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The Trifecta is on!!!! Aaaaaaand already most of our players are in serious trouble. YIKES! It looks like Bow Down is the only visionary in the group with his inspired choice of Miss Lykes who placed in Momus last night. Will we see her Monday night? Tuesday? Will she wear a crown at any of the remaining big three? And if so, will the 120 point purse be enough to keep BD in the LaSallian lead? Can he outscore the ladies of the Chestnut Division and bring home the World Championship? Stay Tuned.

February 11, 2010

It’s Sanders for Mystery

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Miss Laura Elizabeth Sanders comes out of nowhere and takes the crown for Mystery. And by “nowhere,” The Commish of course means that while the rest of the World may not be surprised at all……she totally did not see that one coming.

Excellent… gotta love when the Carnival gods mix it up!!

And did anyone else notice Bonn-A-Belles sneaking up on the LaSallians? Nice work for Metairie trash. Add her to your “teams to watch”…..though The Commish suspects she might have peaked too early. (Yeah, I know. The Commish also totally discounted Queen Sanders so, REALLY, what the hell does SHE know?)

Early afternoon edit: The Commish was just taking a look at The Avenue Division scores and cannot stop laughing over how well their proxy drafted team, Athletic Ball is doing. Perhaps it is that they truly tried to draft kindly for an absent team owner………buuuuut… The Commissioner was in attendance that night….she is SO not buying it.

Over at the Frances Dee’s…… could still be just about anyone’s game right now but….The Commish is looking forward to a Chocolate City Queens / Crown Royal death-match!

February 10, 2010

Miss Allison Knowles Hardin Rules Over Atlanteans!

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But let The Commish back up for a sec as the Saints frenzy caused a total overlooking of the Elves this year. The lovely Miss Helen Waller reigned over Puck’s festivities with a whole slew of maids. While several maids arrived as free agents, only the fabulous Kathleen Hardin managed a drafting nod from the NOFDL ranks. Congratulations to Bra-llelujah for successfull free agent use…..a feat not attempted since the remarkable showing of Miss Jeanne Curran of the 2007-08 Killer D’s. (If only we could have gotten that Chestnut crown on Miss K. Hardin!!)

Big CONGRATS go out to Bathurst , his White Glove Brigade, and OIC Queen Sydney Dedeaux! The Commish is in awe of your incredible drafting genius.

BUT…..the big news this morning is, of course, ATLANTEANS and its effect on league scores. The Commissioner is going to venture out on a limb here and surmise that a few of Queen Hardin’s maids will soon don crowns of their own. This means……if you did not score ANY points with Atlanteans, you could be in trouble. Now the “Big Four” are still on the table, so all hope is not lost. Keep in mind that it is still not too late to suck up to Her Commishness for much needed extra points! (Are you listening Garden District Douxes?!)

Also, last night’s Hardin crowning does not bode well for a few e-Division Trifecta players who are now, barring a highly unexpected double crowning, looking at a place/place/place showing at best. (Not that the White Glove Wonders REALLY need any more points.)

Keep your eyes on:

Neptunes - It’s possible she could take the Chestnut Division this year, but not without some serious competition from Uptown Crowns. While the Commish sees some major crowns in the near future for the Biddy, Dark Horse, and Lakeview she is not sure that it will be enough to pull ahead. Looks like it could be another Rex Viewing Party showdown for the Chestnut ladies.

Bow Down – The Commissioner is predicting a photo finish for the LaSallians. Northshore Sustainer isn’t fooling anyone this year with her quiet, laying low act. She’s sitting on pocket queens and we ALL know it! But will it be enough to overtake Bow Down who continues to amaze despite drafting LAST in his division? In addition, both BD and Signum FiDeb have viable trifecta picks in play. This gamble could pay off BIG for either one of these teams.

February 6, 2010

We interrupt this Fantasy Debutante Season……

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The Commissioner is headed down to da Quarters for a few days to celebrate SuperBowl XLIV. She will return bright and early Tuesday morning (try not to miss me TOO much, Puck!) with updates.

5 points to the first team to buy The Commish a scotch (blends don’t count and neither do you, Bow Down. Oh, and NO stealing one from the “honor bar,” Signum FiDeb!) and 10 to the first to get a picture of The Commish passed out on Bourbon Street!!!! Hope to see y’all there!!!!

“Pro Bono Crunkico”
The Commissioner

February 1, 2010

Is is just me…..

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…..or are all of y’all loving the Mary Brookses? Maybe I am partial as I have my own 7th (sort of), but come ON! You have to be feeling at least a little bit of awe over these ladies. FIVE crowns on the mantle………thus far……Holy Bageezus! These women are not messing around.

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