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January 17, 2011

Really “Uptown Townsends”………REALLY?!

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Nothing says, “I have absolutely NO idea what I am doing” quite like managing to successfully draft not ONE single Twelfth Night Deb. Ouch. It might be time to move to Kenna.

In other divisional news, The Chestnut Ladies continue to dominate The League despite giving up high score bragging rights to Frances Dee’s Crown Royal. But The Commissioner supposes it is easy to draft a killer team when you are competing against the likes of the Townsends and the Rednecks.

Reigning World Champ, Northshore Sustainer is off to a surprisingly slow start; being saved from last place distinction only by the addition of extra points. (Pay attention the rest of you slackers! The Commissioner received a HAND DELIVERED Christmas gift from both Northshore and The e-Division’s Perfect Gentleman. THIS is how sucking up is done! Get with the program. And NO, Signum FiDeb, re-gifting The Commish doesn’t count.)

In Teams to Watch News: The e-Division’s Twelfth Night Rebels are looking FIERCE! This team is stacked with an assortment of high scoring debs and one fabulous Chipmunk. Deus Providebit, y’all!!!!!

And lastly, an apology fromThe Commish. She had NO idea that The Robbotantes and The Neptunes had SO much riding on the TNR results or she surely would have posted them sooner. Enjoy your reward ‘tantes!!!

January 12, 2011

Twelfth Night Results

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Scores will be updated today. The Commissioner was trying to wait for Ms. Nolan to put in her official two cents before updating scores and posting e-Division teams, but has finally given up.

Be sure to check out the Living section today to read up on the Woolam and Barousse parties. (And…..No, Mr. Schindler. We are NOT falling for the numerous Athena references. We know a serious crown contender when we see one!)

January 6, 2011

More Dancing Dwarf Drama…..

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Wow, The Commissioner has quite possibly never received as many e-mails, etc. about one deb incident. (Not including when that big, old, hot crock pot mess of crazy “lady” went ballistic all over the Elves ballroom. Hey, speaking of which……Puck, are you still hanging out with Elves or are we going with ELFS of Oberon this year?)

Anyway, apparently the jury is still out on the White party as far as our visitors and team owners are concerned. New money? Old Money? Tasteful? Tacky? Maybe The Commissioner should put up a poll and settle this once and for all. But seriously people…..chill out. Obviously the White family has a sense of humor, right? It’s just not possible that they perused the debut party handbook; skimmed right past jazz quartets, grits and grillades, tea at Grandmother’s manse on St. Charles…..and then looked at each other and thought, “WOW! You know what would be REALLY top drawer? Let’s hire some midgets and serve sliders. EVERYone will surely agree that THIS is the classiest shin-dig EVER!”

They threw an outrageous party that for good or bad has everyone talking. BRILLIANT!

January 5, 2011

No matter HOW you spell it…’s just plain FANTASTIC!

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Dwarfs? Dwarves? The Commissioner firmly believes it is totally dependent on the level of your nerdism. That is……do you identify yourself more with the Lord of the Rings goobers or that whole sub-culture of Dungeons and Dragons geeks? In any event, as the “Deb Party of the Ages” was themed around Snow White and her Dwarfs….. for the sake of this post, we will put aside the discussion and go with the fs.

Now that that whole thing is out of the way……let’s get down to the real issue: The White family totally copied off of The Commissioner! Blatant plagarism, I tell you!! As ANYone lucky enough to secure an invitation to a Commish hosted party will tell you, She has been utilizing fast food joints as Her private catering company for YEARS. (Hey, NOthing says Happy Mardi Gras quite like a silver tray of McDonald’s cheeseburgers and you KNOW it! Though…….She is seriously considering adding gravlax to this year’s Endymion menu….soon as She Googles that and figures out what the hell it is.)

Now about those dwarfs. OK, The Commish will admit that she has never experienced the type of party planning genius required to actually hire “little people” to attend Her parties. She DOES however have several exceedingly short family members with a penchant for drinking, dancing, and being downright Grumpy. (If any of you free-loaders expect to be PAID for this in the future……stay home.)

The Whites have an 8,000 square foot tent; The Commissioner has a Space Walk. The Whites have like a gazillion dollars; The Commissioner has Silly String. It’s like looking in a mirror.

Was it “truly the most tasteful high-end deb party” of all time? Can’t say. But COME ON, PEOPLE! There were actual dwarfs there! Dwarfs AND Popeye’s chicken. And THAT, my friends is most certainly worth a few extra points.

(Side Note: Extra points will also be awarded for front page and color photo coverage……though having Miss White on your team might prove to be enough of a points boon to make such small increases negligible.)

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