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February 28, 2011

Metairie…..what was I thinking?

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The Commissioner recently accepted an invitation to “hang out on the neutral ground” with the lovely ladies of the Frances Dee-vision. In honor of this momentous occassion, Redneck Royalty broke out her finest glassware. (Is plasticware a word?) Nothing does justice to a fine 25 year old, single malt scotch quite like a plastic “Rhea” cup. RHEA?! Photographic evidence follows:

Rhea Cups.  Yea.

And the high-end partying did not end there! Now….despite their best efforts, the FD girls were not able to locate any actual debutantes for this top-notch event. Sooooo, they sandwiched Her High Commishness between the best that Metry had to offer on this glorious eve. Behold! The Commish, Herself, amidst BOTH a former Gold Duster and… guessed it….A proud wearer of the purple blouse and white hot pants! It was like our own little, trashy Meeting of the Courts.

Look, Ma!  A pregnant Gold Duster!

I really need to drink more.

February 26, 2011

Robbotantes, welcome to the NOFDL.

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You may now commence kicking ass!!

Bonn-A-Belles…..seriously? No. REALLY…..SERIOUSLY?! Look, The Commissioner plans to be hanging out with the Metry trash in your part of town tonight. Would you like her to stop by and give you ANOTHER lesson in proper drafting technique?

And what is up with those Twelfth Night Rebels?! This team was OBVIOUSLY drafted by some kind of Debutante savant. And I bet She is cute too.

February 22, 2011

With a Green and a White and a……..

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Yes, embarrassingly enough, The Commissioner still knows the seldom heard fight song of her Alma Mater. (She also knows the UNO fight song. Sadly, there is little use for either in the Fantasy Debutante World…..or ever…….actually.)

Anyway, once again The Commish is heading to jury duty where she will spend the day not even being considered as a prospective juror. Apparently snarky sarcasm is not top of the list of sought after juror qualities. Oh, well.

Scoring updates and more on lovely Queen Genevieve whenever the defense attorneys kick her out of the court room……again.

February 14, 2011

Can someone PLEASE slip some espresso in Nell’s coffee?

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Are we going painfully SLOW this year or is it just The Commish’s vivid and liquor hazed imagination?

In any event, new results coming soon……assuming The Commissioner does not get picked for a jury tomorrow……And let’s be honest, it’s pretty obvious that despite her best efforts, The Commish is just not scoring any points with the Defense Attorneys. (It all started to go wrong when he asked about hobbies. Apparently,”I’m The Commissioner ofThe Fantasy Debutante League” was NOT the answer he wanted.)

Side Note to the Caliphs of Cairo: GREATEST. QUEEN. EVER!!!

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