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March 14, 2011

Site Traffic

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18,000 visitors in the last week……not too shabby.

March 12, 2011

The Commissioner is the S–T!

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Or not. Probably not. But She IS a trashy, former bartending engineer who lives in a “well appointed house” in the ‘hood!

And with that….. it has been dutifully brought to The Commissioner’s attention that a certain newspaper article of late has allowed several misconceptions about the Fantasy Debutante League to circulate. While The Commissioner has tried desperately to remain comment free on said article, there really are a few things that need to be explained.

First and foremost, Debutantes of the Season are in NO way ranked or rated based on physical attributes. As clearly stated in the League Rules, all scoring is directly related to which clubs, organizations, and Krewes a deb participates in and her rank as a Queen, Maid or presentee in these organizations.

There are no trades or swaps made during the season. Once a team is drafted, that team remains intact for the remainder of the season barring unforseen and unfortunate circumstances as explained in the official rules.

While there are penalties assigned to both individual debs and entire teams, The Commissioner tries very hard to insure that they are fair, justified, and never mean spirited. Please keep in mind that The Commissioner has a tendency to think NOTHING is ever mean spirited. So if you think She is out of line…..let her know.

Which brings us to …..The Blog. Please note that comments on the blog are only subject to approval to prevent secret information from being posted. In the past, The Commish has also held comments until such time as a Queen was officially announced. In addition, please note that Team Owners sign up for the game. Abuse and insults to them or The Commish is all part of the game…..but we are all here because we love and enjoy the Debutante aspect of the Carnival Season. Derogatory comments made to and/or about debs are likely to be deleted.

Anything else? Just ask. The “wealthy, white woman” running this thing will be glad to take a few moments out of her “trivial existence” to answer.

March 10, 2011

Congratulations to the New World Champs…..

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……and I canNOT even believe what I am about to type………Dark Horse!!!. The Commissioner is amazed at your sound and thorough defeat of not only the rest of the Chestnut Division, the indomnitable Biddy, and the rest of the League….but for doing so with TWO team members who managed to successfully score a whopping ZERO points. Nice!

The LaSallians welcomed a new team this year, The Robbotantes. And then came the part where he schooled all of you in proper Fantasy Deb technique. Ouch.

OH! And speaking of the LaSallians…..

SIGNUM FIDEB!!!! WTH?! In all of Fantasy Debutante history NEVER has a team performed SO poorly. The Commissioner is in awe of your complete and utter drafting incompetence! How do you open round 1 by drafting the Queen of TNR and then SO totally fall apart? WOW.

Crown Royal brings it home for the Frances Dees…..despite a valiant effort by newcomer Debalicious. And, of course Redneck Royalty is left to bring up the rear. Why is The Commish NOT surprised. (Rhea cups…..really?)

Huge upset in the e-Division with reigning champ White Glove Wonders falling to ……well…… just about everybody. YIKES! New team and drafting phenom, Have Another ekes one out in a photo finish with Bathurst and his Second Brigade despite losing 20 points in a Trifecta bet gone awry.

In other exciting Deb news, Miss Olivia Montine Freeman Woollam, Queen Comus 2011 becomes the highest scoring debutante in League history with an unbelievable 450 points. To be fair, new scoring rules instituted in the 2009-2010 season make comparisons past that date unfair. But still……she ROCKS!

Congratulations to all of our winners and thanks to everyone for another great year! The Commissioner is now officially calling the close of the 2010-2011 Debutante Season. (Though she will surely return to the blog soon to complain about the 5 debs hailed in the Coterie who never bothered to show up in a white dress… all…….ever. Seriously considering sending my own photgraph and bio in next year. Apparently ANYone can get into that thing!)

Website Clarification

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Team Owners,

For those of you who have not figured this out already…… First of all, where in the hell have you been?! And secondly, here is how you can access your team rosters and reports:

On the Home Page, go to the checkbox marked “Choose a Division”. Select the division in which you compete. Click “GO”. This will take you to your division’s information. At the top of that page, click the link that says “View (Division Name) Reports.” This will take you to a listing of all the reoprts available for your division. Click on what report you want to open a .pdf file of your scores.

Got it?

Next season, The Commissioner will add tabs for easier report access. She had NO idea that so many of you were not computer literate.

And, YES…..the rosters on the site are from last season…..and so are the polls, and the quizzes, and…….. Maybe next year The Commish will step it up.

March 9, 2011

Updates Posted

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Scores are not yet finalized, but have been updated on the site. Final scores and winners will be announced tomorrow. Please review your team reports and let The Commish know if you see any mistakes.

Just a Reminder to the Chestnut Division:

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The traditional Ash Thursday Owners’ Banquet has been rescheduled due to several unavoidable conflicts. If Thursday evening, March 17th does not work for you, contact The Commish.


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For the first time ever we actually have winners in the Debutante Trifecta! Congratulations to both Northshore Sustainer with McKell Favrot and Robbotantes with Olivia Woollam for beating the odds and picking up extra points. Both of these teams belong to the LaSallian Division, home of the 2010 World Champ, Northshore Sustainer. Look out Chestnuts……you are very quickly losing your bragging rights!

Now…..WHY……The Commissioner wonders did NO one pick up a trifecta bet on the Acomb girls?! OR Miss Robertson. (With her appearences in Momus, Proteus, and Rex she will no longer have to be bummed about only having scored 65 points!! Plus she might just earn a few extra points for having the “balls”……pun totally intended….to actually talk with a reporter.) Though neither bet would have netted the full 60 points won for a win/place/show, all three would have been worth the place/place/place total of 40 additional points.

Commendations also to RexComus for correctly identifying the Triple Crown by successfully naming the Queens of Proteus (Miss Barousse), Comus (Miss Woollam), and Carnival (Miss White). Unfortunately no extra points were awarded as Triple Crown bets MUST be placed at the time of team drafting to qualify. The Commish sincerely apologizes for not properly explaining side bets….but feels pretty confident that the White Glove Wonders will have no problem repeating this feat next draft season.

Trifecta winnings will be added to latest scoring updates to be posted before The Commissioner draws the curtain on the 2011 Fantasy Debutante Season. Scores will be updated today with the tradtional 24 hour period for players and observers to point out all of the mistakes The still hung-over Commissioner has made.

March 7, 2011

Biddy is making her move…..

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AGAIN!!!! Will the ladies of The Chestnut Division suffer a three-peat at the capable hands of The Biddy?!

And Miss Mann continues to lead in the Deb Rankings despite the lack of a crown. Gotta LOVE this girl!!!!

OH!! And quickly……everyone check out the scores while Bow Down is leading the LaSallians. The Commish feels it is all downhill for this team after today.

Welcome to all of our new visitors!!

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In honor of all of our new visitors to the site….. and now that The Commissioner has very effectively made even MORE of an ass of Herself (”These two are the shit!” Really, Mr. McCarthy? Could you NOT have quoted me saying something half-way intelligent or at least not vulgar?! Oh, wait……when does The Commish ever say anything intelligent or lady-like. Never mind!) site updates are on the way.

Trifecta bets have been placed for Misses Favrot, Barousse, White, and Woollam. Good Luck!!

March 3, 2011

It’s “The Commissioner” to you

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Let’s get one thing straight, Lake Vista Wannabees, referring to The Commish as an “engineering goon” is no way to score extra points…..and seriously… need them.

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