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February 28, 2012

Team D’Etat!

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Or……Team Muses?

February 23, 2012

Chestnut Owner’s Banquet

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Many thanks to the ladies of the Chestnut Division for another lovely evening….and to Peggy Scott and Errol for joining us. Fabulous!

Congrats again to Bra-llelujah. Next year……JACKETS!!!

It’s “Ash Thursday”……

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…….see you Chestnuts at 6:00 PM. You know the place.

Let’s give the bill to Bra-llelujah.

Misses Bright and Kock close out The Season…with a little help from Miss Reily.

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As the theme of this season seemed to center around the Queens and their fabulous gowns, The Commissioner can personally attest to the fact that both Shrove Tuesday Queens totally upped the Fulgence Factor. Reigning as The 2012 Queen of Carnival, Ella Bright did not disappoint in a gown that was truly amazing. Unbelievably beautiful. Not sure how it looked on television as The Commish completely forgot to set the DVR.

Across Canal, Anne Kock was equally stunning. For whatever reason, it just seems that Comus Queens sparkle more than any other. The collar, the crown, the bazillion stones on her dress……fabulous. And as a blonde, it truly breaks The Commissioner’s heart to admit this…..but crowns just look better on brunettes. And Queen Anne certainly did the Comus crown justice.

All reports have been posted along with tentative final scores. A few divisions are extremely close (not you, Chestnuts! Bra-llelujah totally smoked y’all!) so complain now if you find any errors. The Commish will be lowering the curtain on the 2011-2012 season very soon.


The Commish has been asked to correct an omission for Miss Adams at Prophets of Persia. She cannot find any reference to Miss Adams being presented at this ball and as Her Royal Commishness was not in attendance (BIG shock there……HUGE!), She is unable to verify this presentation. If anyone can shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated.

    Update, Part II:

Thanks to Northshore Sustainer for pointing out an omission of Miss Kock from the Proteus Court. So sorry for the mistake. Luckily it did not change any winners…..though it did make Redneck Royalty’s claim on the Frances Dee crown even shakier. Side ponies……HA!

Fifth place……REALLY?!

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Despite The Commissioner’s best attempt at rallying The Twelfth Night Rebels to a win……She has once again lost Her own damned game. In addition She spent…. what I am SURE you can tell…. were at LEAST minutes creating signage specifically reminding Her team to “BEAT THE WONDERS!” But no such luck. She should have spent more time watching her back…..figuratively AND literally…..for that sneaky “Dat Deb.”

Go Twelfth Night Rebels!  Beat the Wonders!!!!

Go Twelfth Night Rebels! Beat the Wonders!!!!

The Commissioner is BACK!!!

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A full recovery from an over abundance of Fat Tuesday celebrating is expected. Updates, poll results, and The Commish’s final comments will all be posted today. Sorry for the delay. You know…….She drinks.

February 18, 2012

What an evening….

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The Commissioner braved the wilds of Uptown last evening to watch her favorite parade, Le Krewe D’Etat. She was briefly transported to Carnival Nirvana when an elegantly dressed Lieutenant paused to proffer a perfectly timed bow…… and then smacked back into reality when Her drunken husband passed by moments later and continually shanked cups at her head. Gotta love that dude. He knows how to keep The Commish grounded in the ‘hood where she belongs!

Thanks D’Etat for another great parade. Hail Richard XVI!

February 17, 2012

Lupo, LeCorgne, and Drennan Reign

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The site has been updated to reflect score increases for Hermes, Momus, and Mystery. The Commish canNOT stop giggling…….Biddy is not only losing, she is losing to TWO proxy drafted teams! OH! How the mighty have fallen! And here The Commissioner was….. MOURNING the loss of The Chalmation Nation. Thank you, Biddy…..for restoring Her joy and faith in REALLY bad drafting.

Crown Royal, not unexpectedly, has moved into first place not only for the Frances Dees, but over the entire league. 1385. Pretty impressive. Northshore Sustainer has eeked out a lead over Bow Down and that damned Have Another has overtaken the Rebels…. making for a very cranky parade day over at Chez Commish.

Extra points go to The White Glove Wonders for taking bribing The Commissioner to a whole new level. If She awarded as many points as you deserve, Have Another wouldn’t stand a chance! Eternally grateful.

Hermes Scores TWO Real Debs!

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Babylon….. not so much.

February 15, 2012


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Anyone care to guess who is entering the ballroom at this very moment? The Commish’s money is on……

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