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January 31, 2013


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We are not amused.

Point deductions to be assessed in the next update.

(Thanks Headmistress for picking up The Commissioner’s slack. She drinks. Obviously.)

Random thoughts on Nereus, Osiris, and YMIC…..

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And the nominees (so far) are………

Favorite Dress of the 2013 Season: Miss Byrd for Osiris.
Best Mantle: Nereus (Love the blue. Pages too.)
Worst Mantle: YMIC (Nothing is stranger than seeing a sequin and lace FACE on a mantle. Except maybe an ENTIRE person…..YES, I am talking to YOU, Queen Thoth 1983!)

Queen Thoth 1983

January 29, 2013

Doctor Who

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The Commissioner is offering up a bounty for any organization crowning her favorite deb of the year. Extra points for anyone involved in an O’Bryon crowning. Ludicrous amount of points if she wears a fez.

Take THAT, Goodell.

Sorry Y’all!!

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Miss Tupper Allen was inadvertantly left off of the last update. 30 points have been added to her score and to the scores of all teams of which she is a member.

Thanks to Dixie Beer Deb for keeping The Commish on her toes.

Have Another makes his move!

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But he STILL can’t overtake the massively awesome Rebels.

While the Levees remain in the lead of World Championship competition, The Perfect Gentleman’s Lasallian team takes the lead in that division. (Lookout Northshore…..your difficult living situation looks imminent.) And yet……his e-Division entry continues to lag sadly behind both Have Another and TNR. Dude, 3rd only counts in……well…….NOTHING!! Wa Ha haaaaaaaa!

January 28, 2013

Athenians, Achaeans, Krewe of Carrollton updates on the way!

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Just kidding. But many thanks to the Krewe of Carrollton for an….um….entertaining time Friday evening.



As you CHARGED The Commish $250 for the “Honor” of her “Presence” it seems she has no one to thank but herself for this truly non-deb, ball experience. And despite a grand meeting of a silver bedazzled queen and a golden one….. to the strains of a non-Jimmy Maxwell Orchestra playing “If Ever I Cease to Love,” ……The Commissioner found herself murmuring over and over…..”Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not at Comus anymore.” Great fun. But leave the leather gloves at home. And double up on the Scotch.

Or triple….just to be safe. It’s a long, strange evening.

“Real” ball updates on the way!

January 21, 2013

Lakeview Levees?! What is up with THAT?

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The Commissioner is not quite sure how this is possible. A team whose drafting strategy consistes of, “Hmmmm……I like her middle name.” “Is there anyone named Helen this year?” and “Awww……I feel sorry for that girl no one drafted. Give me her.” has jumped into first place in the League with a commanding lead. Unbelievable.

The Levees are not only delivering a sound ass whooping to their own Chestnut Division, but have managed to pull ahead of almost all e-Division teams……except, of course, for the phenom known as the Twelfth Night Rebels.

Biddy remains in last place. Just sad. Can someone please pass at least ONE of those girls a crown?

Meanwhile, The Perfect Gentleman sits in second place (a full 135 points behind the Levees) talking smack. Will his team pull out enough royal headware to back up his swagger? Perhaps. But until then, The Commish will continue to hurl insults in his general direction.

January 16, 2013

Game Over…..Bathurst WINS.

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January 15, 2013

Miss Stewart receives GOLD BEAN……Biddy receives worst score EVER!

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It’s been a big morning for scoring updates as The Commissioner has added Twelfth Night Revelers, Caliphs of Cairo, Mithras, Olympians, Children’s Carnival Club, and Apollo scores to the totals. By all accounts, Misses Stewart for TNR, Murphy for Caliphs, and Stall for Mithras were in perfect crown wearing form. The Commish is optimistic that no penalties will be awarded for these three presentations. (Oooops! Except for that whole 12th Night on 11th Night debacle. Damn….now the scores all have to be recalculated.)

Once again, the Twelfth Night Rebels are the e-division team to beat. Perhaps THIS will be the year that they succesfully take home the title! The Commish spoke with the TNR team owner just this morning. She is feeling QUITE confident that former winners Have Another and Dat Deb don’t stand a chance this year.

And oh, poor….poor…..poor Biddy. You call THAT a team? Even the Neptunes are beating you and they are essentially playing one-man short!

January 9, 2013

Can Someone PLEASE give Mrs. Sloan “The Big Book of Baby Names?!”

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The site is officially up and running. All updates are complete; Teams, Scores, Rosters, Rankings, etc.

The Commissioner would like to extend a special “Thanks for NOTHING!” to the Coyles, Smiths, Warings, Martins, and Sloans for reaking absolute havoc on her database and draft sheets. It’s hard enough to discern names written by (possibly) drunk people on draft night without the added annoyance of recurring names and identical initials.

Be sure to double check your team rosters as The Commish had to guess at a few draftees.

And Neptunes…..who the hell is your 2nd round draft pick?! Are you just making people up now?

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